Translate content

The platform is available in any desired language.
Content in multiple languages can be uploaded individually or via a single upload.

Multiple Choice

With numerous available test variants you can check the success of your training and document the learning progress of the students.


Motivate your learners in a fun way with leaderboards and rewards.


Automatically award individualized certificates that certify the knowledge gained by the learners.

Learning Paths

Define individual learning paths by setting triggers. For example, set which test results trigger the unlocking of further content.

Provide content instantly

Don't wait for agencies. Our intuitive backend gives you the ability to quickly and effectively change and customize content. In seconds, the changes are available.

Offline Mode

Once downloaded, always available. No matter where you are, you can always access our platform and the posted content. Whether on the train, on a business trip or at the customer's - flexibility is guaranteed.


Allow students to collaborate with each other and share experiences on course content and other topics. This is how social learning works.

Other types of training:

Live-Streaming Event

Face-To-Face Event