The smicroSuite enables seamless access to documents and notes from previous Web Based Trainings and live streams during classroom training. With interactive live polls, individual task lists and QR code scanning, you can enrich your event. The integrated event management tool accompanies your participants from invitation to departure.


Event Management Tool

Perfectly automated event organization saves time and money. The uniform data management ensures a consistent level of information at all times for participants, the organization team, the event location and the hotel management.

QR-Code Scanner

QR codes guide participants to content and can be used for check-in and registration, among other things.


A notepad or a separate app is no longer necessary. All notes that you make as a participant are automatically linked to the corresponding learning content.

Automated emails

Keep participants informed via email. Once a person or group has registered for the training event, they automatically receive an email with all the necessary information.

Push Notifications

Reach your participants quickly and easily via push notification on their smartphone or tablet.

Other types of training:

Web Based Training

Live-Streaming Event