About us

As training designers and trainers, we have been looking for a training platform that meets all our and our clients’ needs for many years. After we couldn’t find one, we decided to develop our own training platform in spring 2018. From a blank sheet of paper, we were able to develop a platform that puts the learner and the trainer at the centre without the legacy of a classic learning management system. We didn’t expect to reach so many users nationally and internationally in such a short time, but it confirms to us that we have probably done something right.

Our Mission

Our primary concern is to create a revolutionary eLearning platform that offers administrators the utmost flexibility and simplicity. We understand that each training area has its unique requirements, and therefore our platform is designed to provide a complete range of functionalities without compromising user-friendliness. You can choose which features to use, thereby determining exactly the level of complexity that meets your needs. Our modern, appealing design makes managing the platform not only efficient but also enjoyable. We place great emphasis on automation – with features like individual learning paths, automated certificates, and training assignments – to minimize administrative effort and ensure efficient training management.

For our users, we strive to create an interface that mirrors the world’s most popular and widely used streaming platforms. This design ensures quick acceptance and intuitive usability, as users are already familiar with how to navigate such platforms. Our goal is to provide a straightforward, self-explanatory user experience that not only facilitates learning but also makes it enjoyable. Through this user-friendliness and familiar navigation, we aim to break down the barriers of digital learning and provide a seamless, enjoyable learning experience for everyone.

Our mission and vision reflect our commitment to creating an eLearning platform that is not only powerful and adaptable but also a joy for both administrators and users alike. We firmly believe that learning should be facilitated by technology, and we are dedicated to making this a reality through our platform.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish an eLearning platform that heralds a new era in digital learning through the application of advanced artificial intelligence. We aim to minimize the administrative workload for platform administrators to an absolute minimum without compromising on quality. Our vision includes intelligent automation that simplifies time-consuming processes like course assignments and progress monitoring, while proactively catering to the needs and preferences of users.

For our platform users, this translates to a significant reduction in necessary interactions, shifting the focus more towards actual learning and personal development. By offering tailored learning recommendations and interactive elements driven by our artificial intelligence, we aim to not only simplify the learning experience but also enrich it considerably. We intend to enhance the joy of learning by presenting exciting, relevant content and engaging users with motivating incentives and an appealing, user-friendly interface.

Our vision is to create a platform that bridges the gap between technological innovation and human learning, thereby providing a seamless, efficient, and inspiring learning experience. We believe in a future where learning is not only facilitated by technology but also enhanced by it, and we are committed to making this future a reality with our eLearning platform.

What Can We Deliver with Our Partners?

Through collaboration with renowned training concept and event agencies, we offer an expanded range of services that cover the entire training process. Our clients benefit from a comprehensive solution – from training conception and content creation to the implementation of the trainings.

These partnerships enable us to develop customized training programs that are precisely tailored to the specific needs and goals of each client. With the expertise of our partner agencies, we expand our capabilities and offer a wider range of training solutions.

For clients interested in these extended training offerings, we are always available for inquiries. Our aim is to meet the training needs from start to finish and to make a valuable contribution to the success of your company.

YOur persons of contact

Janosch Kutas

Janosch Kutas

Business Development Manager

Dominik Butnaru

Dominik Butnaru

General Manager