About us

Smicro GmbH is a spin-off of Marketing Manufaktur GmbH. Founded in 2003, the Communication and Training Agency has developed a variety of software concepts which were implemented with the help of outsourced software companies. With smicro GmbH, this competence has been brought in house. In this way we can offer a full service from a single source thereby achieving an overall higher quality in the value chain.

Our Service

Due to many years of international training experience, we have comprehensive methodological expertise. It confirms that the use of digital media only makes sense if it allows the learner to grasp facts faster, easier and more sustainably. The hippest augmented reality app is useless if it is just to convince your management that you are digitally “at the forefront”. We therefore always put your didactic training approach at the centre of our advice and make informed recommendations as to the most appropriate digital media for you.

We see ourselves not only as a software developer, but also as an accompanying partner who offers everything from software development to implementation consulting to support the daily use from a single source.

Learning On Demand-Systems

Learning on Demand plays an important role today. You do not have to know everything, you just have to know where to find it. With our Learning on Demand-platform you can create your own editorially maintained knowledge base in which you can quickly and easily access all the information about your products and services.

Interactive Learning Experiences

Interactive learning experiences motivate your participants and allow you to analyse your training specifically. Small quiz challenges are fun and give you instant feedback on whether the content conveyed was understood. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality offer completely new possibilities to experience products and services.

Independence in use

Our ultimate goal is for you to be independent from us. As a result there is no complicated authoring system that may be difficult for you to learn. Our software allows you to intuitively combine digital media such as texts, images, films or animations, in just a few minutes enabling you to create a digital workbook that you can provide to your training participants.


On-site training is still justified in this digital age. This may even include hard copy paper handouts however these are easily mislaid or damaged making future reference challenging. With digital copies these are easily stored on individuals devices making future reference a breeze. With our platform for digital classroom training you can quickly and easily create documents and immediately send them to your participants.

On-site training

Enhance your on-site training using the smicroSuite not only to distribute material, but as a the tool for your students' unique learning experience.

Web based training

Build online training and distribute material for your participants to learn any time during their learning journey and with any device.

Edit and analyze

With the smicroSuite backend, you can build and modify your training independently and access results and analysis immediately.