Since the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of Germans have favored livestreams as a preferred form of virtual participation in events, which has led to the increased integration of this technology in various areas of life (source: statista). This is also the case in eLearning. The Livestream Hub of smicroSuite offers an easy way to integrate livestreams into training processes. Our hybrid training concept allows you to benefit from the advantages of digital and face-to-face teaching without the high costs of an on-site event.


With Livestreams, use Groupchats to interact with your participants. Answer questions live, as you would in a classroom training, or use the chat to prepare FAQ sessions. In addition, chats promote interaction between participants and thus increase attention.


Participants can open a direct chat with the admin area at any time. This provides participants with immediate assistance. This support chat is managed via the admin area and can also be manned by our competent support staff on request. With our Live Stream Hub, you can be sure that you always have the support you need.


Integrate as many languages as you like into your stream. Whether with a separate stream per language or a video stream with multiple audio channels, it doesn’t matter. This is the most effective way to reach attendees around the world.