Plan your event from the invitation to the follow-up mail with our event tool and simplify your organization. The fully automated registration process and comprehensive options for communicating with participants saves time and money.

Participant Management

Determine yourself which query fields are mandatory and what format they should have. Clarify individual queries on arrival, overnight stays, contact information, etc. and you will receive a complete overview of all the data entered. This means you don’t have to maintain two lists in two systems, but can integrate your event management directly into the training planning.

Automated mails

Our event management tool offers you the perfect solution to make your event marketing easier and more efficient. Use our mail editor to design emails that correspond to your CI and send them automatically to the participants. This saves a lot of time and resources in communication and allows you to concentrate on other things.

Push messages

We offer you the possibility to send push messages to remind participants about important events in time. Our tool reminds you about appointments, tasks or tests that you should not miss.