Our KPI Dashboard offers your management an easy way to track the progress of your teams in the learning process. In addition to individual participants, the cumulative learning progress of defined organizational units can also be tracked. If desired all data can be exported for transfer to other systems or for targeted analysis.

Test results

Demonstrate your training successes to your management directly in the backend of our learning platform and analyze the data live according to the desired criteria.


Your students are motivated in a playful way with leaderboards and rewards. At the same time you get an overview of the learning progress of your participants and can objectively select, e.g. based on the results of digital trainings, who qualifies for an incentive-oriented face-to-face training.

Learning growth

Using targeted pre- and post-tests, you can document to your management, at any time, what learning gains you have created in your organization with your training. Or to put it another way: You demonstrate why the money you were given for your training was well invested.