The Blended Learning Suite

Real Blended Learning

The smicroSuite provides all the building blocks for your blended learning, all in one place.

The challenge to transfer between digital supported classroom training and e-learning is now a thing of the past.

The overarching course management, including event management functionality, will simplify your process significantly.

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Learning Experiences

Turn your events into digital learning experiences. With our large selection of content types, you can create a varied and practical training for your employees.


Micro Learning

Make knowledge available in small, interesting nuggets and thus keep the employees’ motivation to learn high.


Social Learning

Within the training platform, your employees communicate and discuss with each other and thus learn from each other.

Social interaction evidently leads to greater and more sustainable learning success.


Seamless Offline Mode

Once downloaded, always available. No matter where you are, you can access our platform and the content you have posted. Whether on the train, on a business trip or at a customer’s site, flexibility is guaranteed.


Instant Content Delivery

Don’t wait for agencies. Our intuitive backend gives you the opportunity to change and adapt content quickly and effectively. Changes are available within seconds.


Content Localization

Not everything is right for everyone. Translate, adapt and localize your content exactly as it fits your needs.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

Scalability, independence from agencies in the event of changes, but also lower personnel costs are just a few opportunities to lower cost using the smicroSuite.

The Blended Learning Suite

Much more than presentation slides

Use more than 15 content types to make your training unique.

Two worlds. One solution.

Teacher system

Easy and intuitive WYSIWYG editor.

Organize users in organizations, teams and groups.

Registration tools provide an all-in-one solution to invite your students to onsite training events.

Decide who has access to your training and contents and when.

Translate your training within minutes to provide individual content in any language to an international audience.

Using QR codes, students can be guided through the training, creating a flexible learning experience.

Student system

Experience interesting training featuring multimedia and interactive workbooks providing an more engaging learning experience.

Make notes to any content including pictures and videos.

Share your notes and discuss with others.

Test your knowledge and provide feedback to your teacher.

Work from any device. Browser, Android or iOS. Online or offline.

Scanning QR codes, you can navigate to the right content independently.

Die Blended Learning Suite

Viel Mehr als nur Präsentationsfolien

Verwenden Sie mehr als 15 Inhaltstypen, um Ihr Training einzigartig zu machen.

Zwei Welten. Eine Lösung.

Teacher system

Einfach zu bedienender WYSIWYG-Editor.

Nutzer können in Organisationen, Teams und Gruppen organisiert werden.

Mit dem Registrierungs-Tool für Events bietet die smicroSuite eine All-in-One-Lösung, um Teilnehmer zu Präsenztrainings einzuladen.

Definieren Sie, wer Zugriff auf Trainings und Inhalte hat und wann.

Trainings lassen sich innerhalb von Minuten übersetzen, um Inhalte individuell in mehreren Sprachen zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Mit QR Codes können Lernende zu Inhalten geführt und somit flexible Lernerlebnisse kreiert werden.

Student system

Multimediale und interaktive Trainings bieten einzigartige Lernerlebisse.

Fügen Sie Notizen mit Bildern und Videos zu jedem Inhalt hinzu.

Teilen Sie Ihre Notizen und diskutieren Sie darüber mit anderen Nutzern.

Testen Sie Ihr Wissen und teilen Sie Ihre Meinung.

Arbeiten Sie von jedem Gerät aus. Browser, Android oder iOS.

Mit QR Codes unabhängig zum richtigen Inhalt navigieren.