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The Smicro Suite bundles all the communication and training modules offered by us. Depending on the customer’s requirements this varies in size and can be easily expanded.

Video tutorials are popular in all walks of life. Whether you bake a cake or change the pistons of your engine everyone loves a video. With our tutorial platform you can offer your learning community a media tailored specifically for your company which can easily be integrated into your infrastructure.

Learning on Demand plays an important role today. You do not have to know everything, you just have to know where to find it. With our Learning on Demand platform you can create your own editorially maintained knowledge base in which you can quickly and easily access all the information about your products and services.

Classroom training is still justified in this digital age. This may even include hard copy paper handouts however these are easily mislaid or damaged making future reference challenging. With digital copies these are easily stored on individual’s devices making future reference a breeze. With our platform for digital classroom training you can quickly and easily create documents and immediately send them to your participants.

Competitive comparisons allow you to significantly improve your sales arguments. Our benchmarking module allows you to compare your own product, with parameters defined by you, with the offer of the competition. The instantly available results are the perfect basis for the development of a suitable sales argumentation.

Interactive learning experiences motivate your participants and allow you to analyse your training specifically. Small quiz challenges are fun and give you instant feedback on whether the content conveyed was understood. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality offer completely new possibilities to experience products and services.

Social media learning is enormously important for the stabilization of the learning contents of your training. Through our social media module not only do trainees interact with each other, during training, they also create a learning community that continuously learns from each other and exchange best practices.


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