Real blended learning


Enhance your onsite training using the smicroSuite to guide your students and provide essential material.


Create online training for students to learn from anywhere on any device.

Much more than presentation slides

Room for creativity.

Use more than 15 content types to make your training unique.

Easy Peasy Editor

Begin something completely new or build on top of your existing training.

Add your own documents, structure your workbooks and add your own content with a simple drag and drop.

It’s never been easier.

Update within seconds

Your new content and updates reach your students immediately.

Don’t fear last minute changes anymore. 

You are flexible!

Your personal notebook

Combine any training content with your personal notes.
Access them from any device at any time on demand.
Find the subject you are looking for in seconds.

Guided learning experiences

Use QR-codes to interactively guide through learning stations.

Create GPS triggered experience tours.

Use knowledge checks to monitor the learning success.


Two worlds. One solution.

Teacher system

Easy and intuitive WYSIWYG editor.

Organize users in organizations, teams and groups.

Registration tools provide an all-in-one solution to invite your students to onsite training events.

Decide who has access to your training and contents and when.

Translate your training within minutes to provide individual content in any language to an international audience.

Student system

Experience interesting training featuring multimedia and interactive workbooks providing an more engaging learning experience.

Make notes to any content including pictures and videos.

Share your notes and discuss with others.

Test your knowledge and provide feedback to your teacher.

Work from any device. Browser, Android or iOS.